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Honey in the Heart – A Weekend Yoga & Music Immersion

October 5, 2018 - October 7, 2018

With acclaimed teacher Saul David Raye and master musician Jim Beckwith We are living in a time of great awakening and transformation both individually and collectively. As we each awaken, heal and reconnect to the source of life within we become the change that is needed. Yoga is an ancient technology of wholeness, reconnecting us back to the source of life, love & truth within. To both ancient mystics and modern medicine the human heart holds special significance as the center of life within and the seat of our deeper soul consciousness. Join us for these immersive practices weaving the teachings of yoga, bhakti + tantra with a healing heart centered yoga asana practice, breath work, meditation, chanting, music and community! Honey in the Heart is the return to our original soul nature and the sweetness that heals within and without. Yoga classes will include a short dharma talk and beautiful live music with master musician / sound healer Jim Beckwith Atma Kirtan/Ecstatic Chant is an interactive mantra music concert with Saul, Jim + friends. ___________________________________ Friday Night – 6:30 – 9:00 Awakening Heart! Both yoga and physics reveal to us that the Universe is a continuum of energy and is constantly evolving and awakening. We are each an essential part of this process and connected to everything. To the ancients, life is the journey of the soul; it is for the purpose of awakening. This class will support and focus on the awakening heart within each of us through the practice heart / soul centered yoga asana, breath work, meditation and chanting. A yoga + music experience for body, mind and soul. Saturday Morning – 10:00 – 12:30 Prana Shakti – Soul Sadhana According to ancient yogic teachings, Prana is the gateway to the Soul – the Mother of all things, the inner teacher; she gives life, sustenance and consciousness to all beings. Ancient Yoga was centered or rooted in prana. This class will share teachings and practices to help us awaken and strengthen the flow of prana within, connect with the intuitive living intelligence of prana and open the gateway to the infinite within. A healing prana based asana practice, breath work, meditation and live music. Saturday Afternoon – 2:30 – 4:30 Prana: Unlocking the Sacred Healing Power of our Breath There is no energy more essential to life itself than breath; it is the force that connects mind, body and Spirit. Within our very breath, is the power to heal, rejuvenate and awaken the life energy inside of us. We will dive into the ancient and sacred science of breath known in sacred traditions around the world, practice and learn different techniques of breathing for 4 main actions; cleansing, energizing, balancing and calming. We will also explore developing and strengthen our lungs, respiratory system, and breath capacity, using the breath for longevity, how to use the breath in meditation, and how to use breath for when we need it to shift our energy levels and raise our vibration. Saturday Evening – 7:00 – 9:00 Atma Kirtan / Ecstatic Chant with Saul David Raye + Jim Beckwith + Friends Join us for an evening of ecstatic chanting in community to uplift, inspire and reconnect us to the heart. Ancient mantras, medicine songs, soulful grooves, eastern and western instruments and heart connection invoke an experience of deep, raw and ecstatic connection to Life. Dancing, meditation and prayer all flow from the soul and connect us back to that which is beyond words Sunday Morning – 10:00 – 12:30 Untying the Knots of the Heart: Healing Yoga & Meditation Sacred wisdom traditions and quantum science affirm that the Spiritual Heart is the center of our being, the place where all polarities dissolve and our essence resides. Join us for this practice weaving together essential teachings and inspiration from heart of the yoga tradition, slow healing yoga and deep heart centered meditation. Class will include Lecture and Live Music. LOCATION: Bryan Community Center Gym, 100 Dayton Street, Yellow Springs Ohio 45387 COST: $275 for weekend. A $100 Registration Fee is required to hold your space ($50 of the Registration Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable). Balance is due September 5. REFUND POLICY: Tuition will be refunded less the $50 non-refundable portion of the Registration Fee if a request is received in writing before September 5 No refunds after September 5 unless someone can take your place. INFO: 937.767.7727 patricia@brainfingers.com www.yellowspringsyoga.com


October 5, 2018
October 7, 2018