Arts & Culture

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Arts & Culture

Award-winning artist creating unique and original fiber art with an emphasis on art quilts and quilt-related art. Custom orders are welcomed. Sales at area art shows and online.
Studio visits by appointment only.
Yellow Springs, OH 45387


Functional stoneware and decorative Raku Pottery.


Offering sewing, quilting, and knitting classes for people of all ages, Hosting crafting parties, and longarm quilting services.


Public sculpture, private sculpture installations and corporate sculpture environments world-wide.
P.O. Box 710, Yellow Springs, OH 45387


A pottery studio offering an extensive array of classes, workshops and studio rentals for over 30 years, providing opportunities for learning and working with clay to a broad spectrum of the region.
100 Dayton Street, Yellow Springs, OH 45387


Hand-build functional and decorative pottery:  Award winning everyday objects and mixed media masks to bring beauty and art into peoples everyday lives.
Event Organization & Promotion: Creates, plans, organizes and promotes large and small scale events of all kinds
Studio visits by appointment only.
Yellow Springs, OH 45387


Located in the heart of Yellow Springs and known for its intimate viewing experience and professionally curated offerings of first-run, foreign, and independent films.  Completely renovated in 2013 and now all digital. The best place to watch a movie, together.
247 Xenia Avenue, Yellow Springs, OH 45387


Black and white photos digitally colored using a limited number of colors to explore our perception of color. Can be found at the June and October Yellow Springs Street Fair.
Studio visits by appointment only.
Yellow Springs, OH 45387


 Hand made, functional, wood fired pottery utilizing a large hand-built wood fired kiln.  Artist Naysan McIlhargey apprenticed with several artists to learn the technical skills necessary to produce large quantities of functional ware, and more importantly to get an understanding of what qualities distinguish a beautiful pot and a successful pottery.145 E. Hyde Road, Yellow Springs, OH 45387


Japanese-inspired stoneware ceramics, decorative and functional.Studio visits by appointment only.Yellow Springs, OH 45387