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John Bryan Community Center

John Bryan Community Center

John Bryan Community Center
100 Dayton St. Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387
Contact: Samantha Stewart, Monitor

Center Hours:
9AM‐9PM Monday‐Friday; 12PM‐4PM Saturday; Closed Sunday; Parking on‐site
• All rooms require a $30 refundable deposit even if other fees are not due.
• All set‐up and take down time is to be included in the rental at time of booking.
The Bryan Center lawn requires a $25 clean‐up fee, and a $25 fence fee if applicable. Electrical fee may be charged.
• Use of kitchen can be added on to rental of Meeting Rooms A&B for $15/day.
• Use of kitchen for any other room requires the rental of A&B and any normal rental fees will apply, since the room is no longer available for any other rental.
• With the exception of the Dance Room, all areas allow catered food and alcohol.
• Commercial events require a State liquor permit.
• Liability insurance is mandatory for classes and large public events.

Facility Cost: Rates apply to rooms A&B, The Art Room, The Dance Room, The Gym and the Lawn.
If set‐up overnight, the hourly rate is charged until 9PM since use of the room is blocked.
Non‐commercial/YS resident affiliated, during center open hours: Free
Non‐commercial/YS resident affiliated, outside of center open hours: $15/hr
Commercial or non‐resident, during center open hours: $15/hr
Commercial or non‐resident, outside of center open hours: $30/hr30

Meeting Rooms A&B
A&B is a larger meeting room with a full kitchen that can accommodate up to 75 people. The room has 15 six‐foot tables and 65 upholstered chairs for use. Ideal for meetings, parties, classes or low‐impact exercise, such as Yoga. Depending upon the activities, size and noise level, this room might not be available until after 5PM Monday‐Friday.

The Art Room
The Art Room is a small meeting room, already set‐up with tables and chairs. It can accommodate up to 16 people. Ideal for smaller meetings. Depending upon the activities, size and noise level, this room might not be available until after 5PM Monday‐Friday.

Dance Space
The Dance space is a mirrored room with two ballet barres, one of which is removable. This room is used for dance, Yoga, Tai Chi, etc. It does not typically have tables or chairs since the floors are wood and have a bounce to them that is appropriate for dancing. The room is only available after 5PM Monday‐Friday.

Bryan Center Gymnasium
The Gymnasium can accommodate up to 243 people. It has 16 eight‐foot tables and 120 chairs, as well as a lighted stage with a side door exit, a full basketball court (not regulation) with two backboards/baskets that are not removable, two judo mats that also are not removable, a seating area and two side entrance/exits, as well as two storage rooms by each exit that can be used by any renter as long as the Village can still access the space when needed. Ideal for approved sports practices, games, parties, larger events that need a spectator area, such as basketball and public forums, plays and shows.

Bryan Center Front Lawn
The front lawn can be rented for larger public events or for private use like birthday parties, family reunions, etc. If the event is larger, with attendance being over 50 people, an event permit must be submitted to the Village Manager for approval. It is important to get approval with enough time to also get any other permits that may be needed, such as a State liquor permit. Proof of Liability insurance is needed for any large event. Electrical needs will need to be discussed and set‐up with the Bryan Center’s Electrical and Water distribution Superintendent, and may include additional costs. Any event with
alcohol requires a fence to be put up. Large events are responsible for providing trash receptacles and portable toilets, and must remove them immediately after the event or arrange a time with Samantha Stewart. The lawn is to be cleaned immediately after events with no exceptions. All large events are responsible for having the trash generated from the event removed from the property immediately after the event without being placed in or around the Bryan Center dumpster. No tables or chairs are available for the lawn rental, renter must provide what they need.