Street Fair Vendor FAQ

Want to vend at the Yellow Springs Street Fair?

You’ve come to the right place! Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that will get you started. Following the FAQ, you’ll find links to more information and applications, and a way to contact us if you still have questions.

The Yellow Springs Street Fair is always on the second Saturday of June and October. The next Street Fair will be held October 8, 2022.

Applications will be available soon for the October 8, 2022 Street Fair with a deadline of August 13, 2021.

How many people usually attend Street Fair? What should I expect?

Usually, Yellow Springs Street Fair gets anywhere between 20,000 – 25,000 visitors throughout the course of the day. Set-Up and Tear-Down at the event are very rigorous and strictly enforced. You should be prepared to read and understand a vendor letter that includes a map of Yellow Springs and specific directions for accessing the festival to get to your booth. Be prepared to unload your vehicle quickly in the morning, and tear-down and load up quickly at the end of the day. Failure to comply with set-up and tear-down procedures will bar you from future events, so if accepted, be SURE to read your vendor letter fully before the event and ask questions if you don’t understand something. The Yellow Springs Street Fair is rain or shine, with no rain date. As with any event, you should bring materials to secure your tent against the wind. As vehicles are not allowed on the street during the festival, if you expect to need to leave early for any reason at all, you should come prepared to carry your items out.

Do you accept food trucks and trailers?

Yes, we do! When you apply, just select the correct number of 10×10 spaces to fit your truck/trailer. For example, if your truck is 26′ long, you need to request three 10×10 spaces.

Please note that food trucks, trailers & carts are the ONLY vehicles allowed on the streets during the festival. Craft vendors are limited to booths only. Craft vendors who intend to sell out of a truck or other vehicle will not be accepted. 

What do you look for in your applicants?

The Yellow Springs Street Fair endeavors to provide an interesting shopping experience for our visitors and successful selling experience for our vendors, so we prioritize inviting a unique and varied mix of vendors who sell quality products.

We do not accept new vendors who sell items that are not handcrafted by them, including imports and mass-produced items, direct sales products like 31 Gifts, Scentsy, Mary Kay, etc. or who represent a political candidate, campaign or party. This includes “home improvement” vendors like those who sell bathtubs, gutters, etc.

We also do not allow the sale of guns, knives, water pistols, snappers, caps, explosives, or weapons of any type. No tobacco products, drug-related items, or silly string may be sold either. No selling from vans or trailers except for food vendors. We do not allow the sale of any materials that advocate sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, violence, or that are otherwise discriminatory or violent in content. Sexually explicit material is prohibited at this family-friendly event.

Violations may result in removal from the event and not being welcome back. 

Please note that all vendors must be at least 18 years of age or have permission from their parent or guardian to participate. 

We reserve the right to reject or accept vendors at our sole discretion.


Which application should I use?

If your business or home address has a zip code of 45387 or 45316, please enter your zip code in the discount field.

If you are located in any other zip code, DO NOT enter a zip code in the discount field.

If you represent a non-profit looking for a booth space at the festival, please use the Craft vendor application.
NON-PROFITS: If this information is not readily available on your provided website, please include your IRS tax designation and Tax ID with your application. To get a NON-PROFIT discount enter NONPROFIT in the discount field.

PLEASE NOTE: If you misrepresent your discount, your application will be summarily cancelled, you will be banned from applying for future Street Fairs, and your fees will be returned less the $25.00 application fee.

If you sell food that is created and packaged following all cottage food laws (such as packaged baked goods, salsa, jam, etc.) and will not be cooking any food at the festival, you may use the Craft vendor application.

Please note that you MUST use a valid address where you personally can receive mail, as we send vehicle passes and vendor information via the US Postal Service. Be sure to double check that your address is typed correctly. No P.O. Boxes.

How much does it cost to be a vendor?

The Yellow Springs Street Fair is an event that seeks to promote our local entrepreneurs and crafters as well as to offer non-local vendors the opportunity to experience some of the wonderful people and events that can be found in Yellow Springs. As such, there is a different price structure for local and non-local vendors. Local vendors are ONLY those who have a physical business address or reside in the zip codes 45387 (Yellow Springs) or 45316 (Clifton). All other vendors are considered non-local. Falsifying information will require payment of balance between local and non-local rates to be considered for the next Street Fair.

Please note that vendor booth fees were have been updated as of June 2021.

All prices include the $25 non-refundable application fee:

  • For craft vendors, one booth for a local vendor is $200, and for a non-local vendor, $300.
  • For food vendors, one booth for a local vendor is $350, and for non-local, $450 (includes trash and emergency preparedness fees).
  • Vendors can add booths, up to a total of four 10×10 spaces, for $100 each local or $200 each non-local.
  • Businesses who are members of the Yellow Springs Chamber of Commerce have their $25 application fee waived.
  • Non-profits receive a $50 discount towards the total of their booth fees. Nonprofits are still subject to the $25 nonrefundable application fee.
  • The online application automatically updates and shows your total as you fill out the application. You may indicate the total number of booth spaces you need near the end of the application. For food vendors, there is also the option to request electricity and water hookups for a fee. Payment in full is required at the time of application.
  • Please note that the Yellow Springs Street Fair is a fundraiser for a non-profit and we are unfortunately not able to make exceptions to our pricing structure. Please do not contact us requesting additional discounts.

How may I submit my payment?

Payment in full is required at the time of application. When you click “submit” at the bottom of the application page, you will be redirected to our payment portal where you can pay using your credit or debit card. If this fails for you, please contact us.

If you are a non-profit and need an invoice in order to pay for a booth space, YOU MUST SPECIFY THIS IN YOUR APPLICATION. 

Please note that we are unable to consider applications that are submitted without payment.


What can I do to increase my chances of being accepted?

We request that ALL vendors upload a photo of your normal booth set-up with your application. Not doing so will render your application invalid, as this is written clearly in the instructions more than once. We’re sure you know what you’re doing, but we need to know that your setup will fit in. If you have never done a festival previously, you may set up your booth (including canopy, if you use one), tables, and some products somewhere such as a garage/backyard and take a photo of that as a “mock-up.” Drawings, computer renderings, and photos from the website where you’re purchasing your canopy are not acceptable. Please also note that photos of your canopy and tables without any product or branding are cause for rejection. We want to see your booth set up as it would be at an event. Please note that a booth space is a 10×10 square space. A photo of a single table will not suffice. 

All vendors must also submit at least one product photo. New vendors must submit at least two product photos. 

By applying, all vendors, even returning vendors, understand that not including the requested photos may be grounds for automatic rejection. Rejection is FINAL.  

Please upload CLEAR, correctly formatted photos that demonstrate the range and quality of the products that you make and sell. If you feel that three photos are not enough to display the range and quality of your products, you can always e-mail more photos to Some vendors also use image editing programs or word doc/PDF to submit several photos of different products into one file.

Having a website, Facebook page or Etsy shop always helps. Please be sure to enter the full URL correctly into the application. Please also do NOT have your page “under construction” or “on hiatus” during the jury period. 

Please be sure to keep up-to-date on checking your e-mails. Not only because that is how you’ll be notified of whether or not you were accepted, but sometimes our selection team asks questions or requests additional photos of your work or booth set-up. Not responding to those e-mails will hurt your chances of being accepted and possibly result in an automatic rejection.

PLEASE be sure to read and follow the instructions on the application. Demonstrated failure to understand the application instructions or rules for vendors will bar you from participation in future Street Fairs. We reserve the right to reject or accept vendors at our sole discretion, for any reason.


How large is a booth space?

Booth spaces are 10×10 each. If your set-up will exceed 10×10 in any way, you will need to request and pay for two spaces. Vendors can use up to four booth spaces each. You are responsible for providing your own booth/canopy, tables, chairs and other items you need for set-up. No electricity is available for craft vendors.

Sharing of booth spaces by multiple vendors is strictly prohibited. Booth spaces are non-transferable and may only be operated by the individual(s) who purchase them.

What times are set-up and tear-down and how do they work?

Set-up and tear-down are very rigorous and noncompliance will result in vendors being banned from future participation. However, there are volunteers around to help with the process, so no worries! Vendors may arrive no earlier than 6:30 AM (7 is preferable) and must follow the traffic route designated on their vendor letter to drive to their booth, unload their car, park, and then come back to begin setting up the booths. All cars must be off the streets by 8:00 AM. Spaces not occupied by 8:30 AM will be reassigned.

Tear down follows the same traffic routes. Vendors must stop selling and begin packing promptly at 5:00 PM. Vendors must break down and pack up entirely BEFORE bringing their car onto the street, load up, and then leave. It is imperative that cars and booths be off the street by 6PM, as a street sweeper comes through. It is very important that vendors follow the rule of not bringing their car onto the street until their booth is fully torn down, in order to keep traffic moving.


What are some reasons I might not be accepted?

The Yellow Springs Street Fair is a well-attended event that usually receives a lot of interest from potential vendors. While it would be wonderful if everyone could vend at the official Street Fair, that just isn’t possible.

Most craft vendor rejections are because a vendor failed to follow application instructions (including, but not limited to failure to submit a booth/product photo or payment) or because the application did not provide enough information for our committee to see the quality and variety of a vendor’s product. Please make sure that you read and follow all application instructions, and if you have any questions or concerns, email us BEFORE filling out the application. 

Some vendors are rejected because of space constraints,or the fact that there are already too many vendors selling the same type of thing. Some vendors are rejected because they sell items that are not handcrafted by them or are prohibited at Street Fair. 

Check out the answer to “What do you look for in your applicants?” for more details. We reserve the right to reject or accept vendors at our sole discretion, for any reason.

If I don’t get in, are my fees refundable?

If for some reason you are not accepted, we will refund your payment as soon as possible, minus the $25 application fee. The $25 application fee is non-refundable and is required for your application to be considered valid. If there are any questions or concerns about this process, please contact us. If you are interested, you may also contact us so that we will add you to our e-mail list so you can be notified when applications are ready for the next Street Fair.

How long do I have to apply?

Please see below for information about the application deadline for the upcoming festival. After the deadline, if all spaces are not filled, applications will continue to be accepted until spaces are filled. If the application you need is not available below, that means we are full for that type of vendor. If you’re interested in future festivals, contact us and we can add you to our e-mail list so that you’ll be notified when applications are ready for the next Street Fair.

When will I know if I am accepted?

If you apply before the deadline, check your confirmation email for the date by which you will receive a response. Please do NOT contact us before that date to ask about the status of your acceptance.

If you apply after the deadline, expect a waiting period of at least one to two weeks. 

If you use Gmail, please be sure to check your “promotions” tab, as many of our e-mails end up there for some users. Others may find the emails from us in their spam or junk folders. Adding to your contacts list may solve this problem.


If I’m a returning vendor, will I have the same booth space as before?

The Yellow Springs Street Fair always tries our best to give returning vendors the same spot that they’ve had in the past unless there was a noted issue with the location. It is fine to mention your booth location preference in your application. However, mostly due to the fact that Street Fair receives a high volume of applications, we cannot make any guarantees about booth location. We give preference to YS Chamber members, with focused accomodation for those in the Yellow Springs business district. Booth assignments are final. Once your vendor letter is sent, booth locations will not be changed.

Vendors are expected to know that due to the sheer number of Street Fair booths and complexity of assigning them, that not all requests for specific booths or booth types can be accommodated. This may mean having a different booth space from one festival to the next. Please do not contact us requesting  changes in booth spaces after your vendor letter has been received. 

Can I choose my booth location?

Yellow Springs Street Fair desires our vendors to have a successful selling experience. If you are familiar with Yellow Springs, it is absolutely fine if you voice your preference on booth location on your application. Just please be aware that we can make NO GUARANTEES that we will be able to oblige. Booth assignments are FINAL. Once your vendor letter is sent, booth locations will not be changed. If you have a problem with your booth location, please let us know, and it will be noted for future Street Fairs.

Do I have to collect sales tax?

Sales tax in Greene County Ohio is 6.75%. You are responsible for collecting and reporting sales tax for any sales made during the event. 

Any extra info a food vendor might need to know?

HEALTH & SAFETY REQUIREMENTS: Food vendors must check with the Greene County Combined Health District, 360 Wilson Drive, Xenia, OH 45385 (937-374-5600) for food handling and license requirements. Food vendors using charcoal must have fire extinguishers. The Greene County Combined Health District, Miami Township Fire Department and Yellow Springs Electric department inspect all booths the day of the event for adherence to these requirements. Provide a Certificate
of Liability Insurance. 

WATER GUIDELINES: Water hook ups are available on a limited basis; hook up fee is $35. You must provide your own food grade hoses equipped with backflow preventers.

ELECTRICITY GUIDELINES: Electrical hookups are available on a limited basis; hookup fee is $60.00 for 4,000 watts; one plug is 1000 watts. Vendors MUST use U.L. Certified 10 or 12 ga. wire extension cords. Only 120-volt plug-in hookups are allowed. Any vendor requiring more than 4,000 watts MUST SUPPLY A GENERATOR to be noted on the application. 220-volt or hard-wired connections are strictly prohibited.

• No gasoline, gas, charcoal, or other cooking device or any other unapproved open flames are permitted inside a tent or under a canopy. Unvented deep-fryers may not be inside a tent or under a canopy. 
• All food vendors who are cooking and/or heating food must provide at least one working ABC- or BC-type fire extinguisher near their cooking area.
• Any food vendor wishing to utilize the Village of Yellow Springs’ electrical service or a generator must use UL-certified, defect-free, 10 or 12 gauge extension cords. Cords that do not meet this requirement will be removed from service. Please note that the Village’s electrical service is provided in 20-amp increments; if accessing it, you need to know what your appliances’ amp draw is.
• Multi-plug electrical adaptors, such as cube adaptors, unfused plug strips or any other device not complying with the National Electrical Code are prohibited and will be removed from service.
• Vendor spaces, including tents and other overhangs, may not extend into the designated fire lanes maintained during the Street Fair. These fire lanes are maintained on the west side of Xenia Avenue (US 68).
• Smoking is prohibited beneath any tent or canopy, and inside any mobile food units. If a mobile food unit has a fuel source other than the vehicle fuel tank, smoking is also prohibited within 10 feet of the unit. 
• Any spare LP gas cylinders required for cooking must be kept outside of the tent or canopy when not in use.
• Blocking fire protection equipment: Mobile food units cannot block fire lanes, fire hydrants, or other fire protection equipment.
• Portable fire extinguishers: All mobile food units are required to have at least one (1) 5-pound ABC portable fire extinguisher. Open air hand propelled carts that do not have fossil fuel powered equipment (i.e. a hot dog cart) are not required to have a portable fire extinguisher. For all other mobile food units, one 5-pound portable fire extinguisher must be located in the unit and must be readily accessible by the operator of the unit. Additionally, any mobile food unit that utilizes cooking equipment involving solid fuels or vegetable or animal oils and fats must also have at least one Class K rated portable fire extinguisher. This is in addition to the one 5-pound ABC extinguisher that is required in all mobile food units.
• Separation distance: Mobile food units, regardless of the unit’s location within Ohio, that are parked and in an operational status (i.e. – the unit is being used for cooking with a fuel or electrical powered device or other heat source) must be separated other mobile food units that are parked and operating by a clear space distance of three (3) feet.
• Generators: The following provisions now apply for generator use.
o Generators that service a mobile food unit cannot be fueled while the mobile food unit is in operation.
o Generators cannot be fueled while the generator is in use.
o Generators cannot be fueled until the generator has been turned off and the surface temperature of both the engine and the fuel tank are below the autoignition temperature of the fuel.
o Generators cannot be operated, used or fueled within the occupant space of the mobile food unit.

Can I start the application and come back to it later?

Please note that the YS Street Fair application must be completed in one sitting. Payment in full is required at the time of application, as is all of the required information for the application. Information required at the time of application includes a booth photo! 

If you need to stop in the middle of the application process and come back to it, you’ll have to start over when you’re ready. If an incomplete application is submitted, it will be rejected. 

I missed the application deadline. What can I do?

Sorry you missed us! Here are a couple of options for what you can do if you realize that you haven’t applied and the event is already full.

There are several private properties who accept vendors during the festival.

You may also want to be added to our email list so that you will be notified when applications are ready for the next Street Fair, and won’t miss out!

See below for a link to sign up for our email list. Once you’re on our email list, you will stay on the email list as long as you do not unsubscribe. There’s no need to reach out every year to be added.


My question is not listed here.

Please feel free to contact the YS Chamber at
PLEASE NOTE that due to staff capacity limitations, if your question is already answered in the FAQ, you will not receive a response to your email. Be sure to read the FAQ thoroughly before reaching out. Thank you for understanding.

Applications for the next Street Fair are now available!

  • The October 2022 Street Fair is on! Vendor applications are now available with a deadline of August 13!
  • NOTICE 7/1/2021: We are aware that many users are having issues reaching paypal. Please consider applying later when the problem is cleared up. If you apply now and are not redirected to paypal, please email to discuss next steps.
  • PLEASE refer to the FAQ above to determine which application you should use BEFORE filling out an application. If you have questions not answered by the FAQ, please contact us BEFORE applying.
  • Local applications are for vendors who have a residential or business address within the 45387 or 45316 zip codes ONLY.
  • Please watch here for vendor applications. The application deadline for the October 9, 2021 Street Fair is Friday, August 13.
  • Please read and follow all application instructions completely. Failure to comply with application instructions will render your application invalid and may bar you from participation in future street fairs.
  • The food vendor application is ONLY for vendors who will be making and selling food to be consumed at the festival. Cottage or pre-packaged food vendors should use the craft vendor application.
  • Interested in vending, but might need a reminder? Click here to be added to our email list to be notified when applications are ready for future Street Fairs!
  • Please note that these are the ONLY official vendor applications for the Yellow Springs Street Fair. If you have applied and paid somewhere else, you have applied for a private property. You will not be part of the official festival, and the Yellow Springs Chamber cannot provide you any information about your booth location or setup.